Laura Isanuk

Laura works directly with real people to help them realize their dreams and plan a financial future around that vision. A firm believer that everyone can make an impact, she also works to align your personal values with how your capital is used in the world, focusing on investments in your portfolio. 

Laura is a former east coaster (some dare even say Wall Streeter) who held positions in equity research at Standard & Poor’s, wealth management analyst at UBS. Now in Colorado, Laura has been overjoyed to take that traditional finance background and overlay it with the triple bottom line ideals. 

Within the Colorado community, Laura serves on the board of B Local Colorado where she represents the Certified B Corp community. She also is in her 5th year on the young professional board of the Nature Conservancy within Colorado, affectionately called “The 13ers”. 

Laura discovered a passion for finance way back in High School where through the Econ club she had multiple opportunities to compete in front of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She went on to study economics in tandem with environmental studies at Colgate University. She also holds a certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from the University of Colorado Boulder. Her other accreditations include Accredited Investment Fiduciary, Certified Fund Specialist, CAIA certificate. 

Laura resides in Denver where she takes full advantage of Colorado’s sunshine by backcountry skiing, trail running, gardening, and relaxing outside with a good book. 

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(303) 278-3886 X4

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